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In Holland, coffeeshop means a place where cannabis is sold and smoked. If you look for coffee shops (cafés) selling coffee, go to Starbucks.

This web site contains adult contents, and is intended for information purposes only. In any case, it does not promote nor suggest using drugs.

The information here is contributed by the web site community, to provide useful tips for tourists coming to Amsterdam, so they know how to behave once they get into a contact with soft drugs. You must be 18 to read this web site! Disclaimer.

Please be honest to you about soft drugs, since it is often an illegal taboo in many countries. We are happy to live in Amsterdam; still we do not favor, promote or suggest using drugs. If you are under 18, don’t ever be tempted, the age is strictly checked every time.

Reviews of coffeeshops can be found at Coffeeshop Directory by Lemming and community at

How it works in Amsterdam

Smokers vocabulary
Pipe, bong, vaporizer, stick, joint, blunt, skunk, isolator, space- cake/bonbon/drinks...

Weed, is a popular local English slang for marijuana. Other names include grass, pot, smoke. In Amsterdam you will find the strongest weed in the world, even there is an annual competition to test it: Cannabis Cup. The strongest variants are usually grown with artificial light and ingredients, look for bio variants if you prefer nature. These should be without chemicals; there is never a guarantee though.

Hash, hashish
Is extracted buds from marijana plant that is rich in effective drug – THC. One gram of hash is indeed much more drug than 1 gram of weed. Please check with your preferred coffeshop.

Joint – is rolled cigarette usually tobacco mixed with weed or hash. It is not recommended to smoke local weed pure, because it is rather strong. There are some herbal mixes as alternative to tobacco available in the smart shops.

There is a great authoritative web site judging all kinds of weed at

How to behave in a coffeeshop

Generally these rules must be respected in coffee shops:

  • No entry below 18, legitimation is required.
  • Consumption is required, smoke and / or drinks, snacks.
  • No weapons.
  • No aggresive behavior.
  • No possession and distribution of hard drugs.
  • Allowance to sell maximum 5 grams per person.

For tourist information on Amsterdam visit

Top rated coffeeshops in Amsterdam:

X The Jolly Joker coffee shop
Nieuwmarket 4A, Amsterdam, Centrum
X Kashmir Lounge coffee shop
Jan Pieter Heijenstraat 85, Amsterdam, Old-West
X Coffeeshop Little
Vijzelgracht 47, Amsterdam, Centrum

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